Wulf Mods Type C Replacement Atomizers 3pk on White Background

Wulf Mods Type C Replacement Atomizers 3pk


Wulf Mods Type C Replacement Atomizers 3pk

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⚠ WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

An atomizer is an essential part of your vaping experience, and using a high-quality atomizer can help you get more from your sessions. The Type-C Dome Atomizer from Wulf Mods has everything you need to get up and running without a complicated assembly.

The parts of an atomizer include the cup, bridge, connection to the battery and a heating coil located within the unit. These parts are all crucial to the proper and effective use of your system. These atomizers harken back to the debut of the e-cigarette that used a three-piece model for the construction. It included a small battery, an atomizer and a tank.

This atomizer is the result of years of development, and it provides outstanding performance so you can enjoy your vaping experience. The atomizer comes with three replacement heaters so you can get an extended life out of this product. It is also compatible with both the Wulf Mods Elips and Wulf Mods 510 units. This atomizer contains a wire that is connected to the circuit board. When you start up your vape, power is sent to the heating element inside and a micro-pump that is located within the atomizer itself. The pump works by sending the oils of your choice through the atomizer where it makes contact with the heating element. This vaporizes your oils and creates the vapor that you know and love. The process typically continues until you release the button or until you stop inhaling the vapor.

For more advanced vapers, it's possible to use this atomizer for dripping. This occurs when you simply drop the oil directly into the atomizer. You'll be able to get a stronger overall flavor profile, and the taste of the oils will come through more pronounced. Since the oil doesn't stay in the tank or cartridge for a long period of time, you tend to get a purer vaping experience. Of course, this is not the intended use for an atomizer and it can be somewhat inconvenient for most users.

Buying this atomizer from Wulf Mods ensures that you're getting a genuine product that is guaranteed to work as designed. This atomizer uses high-quality materials and a heating coil that will reach your optimal temperature quickly. The result is a more even vaping experience and better extraction of your oils. Using only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts ensures that you're getting the best possible session and using only authorized parts for your unit.

The atomizer is a Type-C dome atomizer, and it's intended for use with a dome style cartridge. This atomizer is designed to prevent the burnt taste that comes from over extraction and overheating of your concentrated oils. It works well with all concentrated oils, so you can use your preferred brand or even mix your own. By using this atomizer, you'll be able to keep your unit working longer and more effectively. This particular atomizer is compatible with the Type-C dome kit that measures 7/8 inches in length.

When you purchase an atomizer from Wulf Mods, you know you're getting the part that is recommended for your unit. Generic parts may work in the short-term, but a brand name atomizer is guaranteed to work with your unit and ensure you get a high-quality vaping experience. Buying authentic parts is the best way to ensure that your unit lasts a long time and performs as intended.

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Cody Stephens
What I was looking for

Exactly what I was looking for

Aiden Gates


Kimberly Yeater
very necessary

What can I say? They work and are necessary.

Steve Griffin
Happy customer

Works beautifully. Smooth pull. Easy to use, easy to use, easy to store. The price is right, too.

Ian Peacock
works great!! and hasn't leaked yet!

works great!! and hasn't leaked yet!

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