Wulf UNI X: Sleekest Way To Puff

Jan 4, 2023by Julianne Bautista

Wulf UNI X packaging sitting on black office desk

It’s true! Vaping is quite trendy, but what even adds more to the trend is the Wulf UNI X Cartridge Vaporizer. This unique 2-inch device has one-a-kind features that make consuming your favorite oils fun, hip, and full of powerful puffs. Here are some of the UNI X’s key features that you will find convenient:

Teal Black Spatter Wulf UNI X in man's hands against purple studio background

Fast and Easy To Use!

The Wulf UNI X is a one-button operational device with 10-second preheat functionality. If you like devices with no complications, you will need to read more! Not only does the UNI X warms up your materials quickly, but it also features LED lights around its main button for vital information.

The Ability To Choose Your Own Desired Temperature

Meeting your expectations is important when it comes to vaporizing your essential oils the proper way. The UNI X features four voltage settings (2.0V, 2.6V, 3.2V, 3.8V), perfect for achieving the kind of vaporizing experience you are hoping to have. For example, if you want to save your oils, crank down to the lowest voltage setting to savor more of its flavors.

Wulf UNI X Collection standing on white display

Great For All Kinds Of Cartridges

The UNI X welcomes cartridges of all sizes! With its magnetic 510 adapters, various other branded cartridges can easily fit onto the UNI X to provide you with the best sessions. If you have a cartridge that is a bit wider than the rest, don’t worry! The UNI X accommodates cartridges up to 11mm for the perfect fit.

Other Key Features

Additional features are always a must! This device includes a Type-C cable for fast charging capabilities and troubleshooting for low battery notifications. The UNI X is available in nine spattered colors, including Purple-Black Spatter, Teal-Black Spatter, and White-Red Spatter.

 White Red Spatter Wulf UNI X held by woman with nice hands

Enjoy the strong puffs of your favorite oil cartridge with the Wulf UNI X! From accommodating a wide range of cartridge sizes to allowing full temperature control, the UNI X is a must-try device for the sessions of your dreams. Check out more of our oil cartridge collections on WulfMods.com.