Six Best Features of the Wulf ARI Slim

Nov 9, 2022

Not a fan of bulky vaporizers? Not a problem! The new ARI Slim Kit Vaporizer is a thin, compact vape pen, perfect for taking with you on the go. From fast heating times to adjustable temperatures, this device has all the incredible features that will make you want to try the ARI.

1. Adjustable Voltage Settings

If you have a preference when it comes to vaping your oils or wax concentrates, the ARI features a wide range of voltages to choose from. From 1.8V to 4.2V, the ARI Slim has an adjustable temperature range that sets to however you’d like your material to warm up.

2. 510-Thread Connection

The ARI Slim is great for oil cartridge use as well! Its 510 connection is compatible with universal threading, therefore, any oil cartridge with a similar thread can fit!

3. 10-Second Preheat Function

Don’t like to wait a long time for your session to begin? No need to worry! This Slim Kit features a 10-second preheat functionality for quick warm-up times. Don’t wait up because the ARI thinks fast!

4. 15-Seconds Safety Cut Off

If you’re a vaper who always forgets to turn off their device, then the ARI Slim is screaming your name! This new device also has a 15-second Safety Cut Off feature for conserving battery life! No need to freak out about saving battery. It turns off by itself!

5. Quartz Coil Concentrate Chamber

The ARI Slim Kit comes with a quartz coil concentrate chamber that provides an excellent taste of your oils or concentrates. The quartz material also heats materials faster, so this device saves you all the time!

6. Type-C Port

The Ari Slim also includes a Type-C port for faster-charging capabilities. For extended battery life, Type-C ports make your sessions last longer.

The Wulf Mods ARI Slim is the vaporizer that awaits for you to try! Providing you with an all-time hit at every session, you won’t regret purchasing this beauty. Be the talk of the party and puff the ARI Slim.