5 Reasons Why The Wulf Flora is an AMAZING Dry Herb Vape

Nov 2, 2022

Love the outdoors so much that you want to get a sesh in? With the Wulf Mods Flora Vaporizer, you can get your herbs packed and ready to go in just a matter of seconds. The Wulf Flora is a portable, compact vape designed for puffing dry herbs.

The Flora features powerful haptic feedback, temperature control, and fast preheating abilities. This device includes an LED light display that indicates the temperature setting, depending on how you would like your dry herbs to vaporize. Perfect for portability, just pack in your herbs and go along to your next adventure! Here is why you need to get the Wulf Mods Flora:

1. Very simple to use and easy to bring with you!

Everyone wants something light to carry with them while they are out and about! At 4 inches, the Flora is completely weightless and easy to use. The device has a main button that is used for turning the device on/off, changing the temperature settings, and preheating. With its simple build, the Flora includes a magnetic mouthpiece for easy attachment and a secured hold. Just pack in your herbs, attach the mouthpiece, and puff away!

2. Lets you have your preferred temperature setting

Vaporizers with different heat settings is always important! The Flora comes with 5 temperature settings (356°, 374°, 392°,410°, and 428°). With two clicks on the main button, you are able to change your heating preference. Go for the highest temperature if you are wanting a more potent and extensive hit. If you want your puffs to be smoother and tasteful, on the other hand, try out its mid temperature to experience a distinct session.

3. Ceramic filter for better tastes!

Ceramic material has always been prominent for a more distinct flavor of your herbs. The Flora features a detachable ceramic filter to provide a cleaner and smoother hit at all times. With the ceramic filter, you will experience flavorful clouds and a better intake of vapor density.

4. Cleaning the device is as easy as 1-2-3!

The Flora is not hard to clean at all! All you need to clean your vape is the cleaning brush that came with the kit, dab swabs, disinfectant wipes, and water. First, you must separate every single part, including taking the ceramic filter out of the mouthpiece. Then, you shall place all its tiny parts in a small bowl of water with drops of rubbing alcohol. After, deliberately wipe clean the tiny parts and use a wet dab swab to clean the Wulf Flora’s interior. Finally, use disinfectant wipes to clean any excess residues off the exterior.

If you want to learn more about how to properly clean a dry herb vaporizer, read Got Vape’s blog post on 4 easy steps to keeping your Dry Herb Vape Spotless and Clean At All Times.

5. Unique Wulf Mods designs that will suit your personality

Designs are always important when it comes to vaporizers. You want something no one has ever seen before, you want its style and colors to represent you! The Wulf Flora is available in 9 colors, including Teal-Black Spatter, White-Red Spatter, Black-Green Spatter, Full Color, and more.

This is the dry herb vaporizer that you have been looking for! The Wulf Flora is very easy to use, easy to carry around, and easy to maintain. This Flora is calling your name; what are you waiting for? Get yours now and taste the incredible flavors of your flower.