3 Reasons Why The Wulf RAZR is a Must-Have Dab Tool

Jan 25, 2023

3 Reasons Why The Wulf RAZR is a must-have dab tool

Give yourself an upgraded dab session with the Wulf Mods RAZR Nectar Collector and Hot Knife! Designed for consuming wax concentrates, the RAZR is a dual-use dab tool that features two modes: Nectar Collector Use and Hot Knife Use. With the RAZR’s advanced traits, you’ll be able to achieve the finest inhales and the most potent flavors of your materials.

Wulf RAZR in Nectar Collector Mode with green blue studio lighting

Nectar Collector Mode

BUZZ BUZZ! The RAZR allows a Nectar Collector Mode, which like a bumblebee, lets you collect and slurp up resin using a straw-like feature. The Nectar Collector is a magnetic adapter that easily connects onto the RAZR device. The Nectar Collector provides an efficient way to enjoy your concentrates with the most delectable flavors and potency.

Wulf RAZR in Hot Knife mode on leather seat

Hot Knife Mode

Make gathering concentrates simple and messy-free by using the RAZR’s Hot Knife Mode! This feature is a dab tool that warms up its tip to gather concentrates effortlessly. The Hot Knife lets concentrated materials slide right into your bowls without any hassle or stickiness. Like the Nectar Collector Mode, the Hot Knife is also a magnetic adapter that attaches onto the RAZR for a quick and easy switch.

The RAZR has a high-quality XTAL tip that makes dabbing more convenient and economical. The XTAL tip provides a beneficial session for concentrated intakes.

Wulf RAZR in Hot Knife mode on windowsill

Other Features

The RAZR includes a cleaning brush and a Type-C cable for fast charging capabilities. The Wulf RAZR comes in 9 colors, including White-Red Spatter, Full Color, and Teal-Black Spatter.


The Wulf RAZR lets you achieve and complete your desired sessions. From its premium quality materials to its dual-use features, enjoy your vaporizing sessions like no other. Make sure to check out more of our advanced and portable vaporizers at WulfMods.com!